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Infosoftz company limited provide Services on Network and internet solution, Website design and Hosting solution, Access Security system installation, CCTV security system installation, Tower Inspections, Car tracking  installation,   IT support services, Mobile applications development, Security Fence installation system , Automatic Gate and Vehicle Barriers, Security GSM Alarm System, Fire Alarm and Communication Systems Installation as well as Training and consultation solution with quality and fordable price .

Website Design and Hosting

Infosoftz Company Limited has an eye on changing trends of the internet in the world, we adapt quickly on the latest trends on technology to offer the best solution to our customer and always keep us unique in the market. We design and build web based systems for various applications including Web Applications, Data Management web application Systems, Process Automation web based systems and more. also we are providing hosting services for different web applications software as shown on our home page.

Mobile Applications development

Infosoftz Company Limited is a pioneer in developing Mobile Apps and responsive UIs to different customers. We always discus with customer and advise the best way of moving into mobile application technology so as to achieve the best responsive mobile application . As pioneer we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible on mobile applications for affordable price. We always make sure that your idea is transformed into a beautiful designed mobile application solution with a user friend and engaging mobile interface solution.

Network and Internet Solution

Since investing in technology need many risk analysis, Infosoftz Company Limited (ICL) provides an integrated and global system design and installation approach to build an intelligent network that can support your business in a competitive technology niche and transform your business to achieve greater efficiency and profitability by investing the quality and affordable products on Routing and switching ,Structured Cabling ,Wireless Networking and Network security

Tower Inspection service

Infosoftz Company Limited provides tower inspection service for both guyed tower, mono pole tower and self supporting tower. As the industry matures, tower owners are embracing the need to perform inspections with a greater degree of frequency as their assets age so that minor maintenance issues don’t turn into capital expenditure headaches. Inspections are also required after a raw land build, retrofitting project or collocation to identify that the contractor has completed the work according to the project specifications and industry standards. Towers also need to be carefully assessed prior to their purchase through our experience team

Security Fence installation system

Infosoftz Company Limited understand that the first secururity to any facility is perimeter so it help to secure your facilities from being accessed quickly by intruders by installing strong security fence system, our company can help to Identify key access points and optimize security at each fundamental area and create an effective security access system installation. Through our experience and expertise on different access systems we ensure client get the best solution with affordable price based on client budget

Access Security System Installation

Infosoftz Company Limited provides both staffing and a full range of access control solutions to help secure your facilities from being accessed quickly by intruders, our company Identify key access points and optimize security at each fundamental area and create an effective security access system installation advise to client. Through our experience and expertise on different access systems we ensure client get the best solution with affordable price based on client budget

CCTV security system installation

Since investing in technology need many risk analysis, Infosoftz Company Limited (ICL) offer a range of choices, from traditional analog CCTV systems to the latest IP-based digital solutions. We can provide everything from stand-alone cameras for a branch office to full CCTV coverage for large building complexes and multiple properties. We also offer fully integrated IP addressable CCTV systems for high-security environments. Some of the available features include: .Dome, bullet or box cameras .Day/night video technology .Infrared illumination .Wide range of digital video recorders .Touch screen monitor surveillance .Mobile connectivity for remote detection .Some of the features include but are not limited to: .Choice of dome, bullet or box camera .Day/night video technology .Infrared illumination .Wide range of digital video recorders .Touchscreen monitor surveillance available .Mobile connectivity for remote detection

Car Tracking system installation

Infosoftz Company Limited has an eye on changing trends of fleet management technology, we understand that Vehicle,bajaji , motorcycle and asset management is probably the toughest job to manage today. Our Client are now enjoying a wide range of benefits by installing tracking system in their vehicles, tricycles and motor cycles which includes :- reducing Private Use of the Vehicle, Reduce Overtime, Reduce Communication Costs, Faster response time, Increase productivity, Manage Fuel Consumption, Increase Fleet and Workforce Security, Produce Various Reports such as speed, geo-fence violations and Mileage etc also receiving up-to-date information on the vehicle's location.

IT support service solution

Due to increased competition, most businesses are now focusing on their core business processes and allowing technology business partners to manage and support their ICT infrastructure as an outsource engineers . Our company can partner with your company to realize this initiative by providing you with the best 24/7 for both Online and on site ICT Support Services for affordable price based on your ICT infrastructure with the maximum systems security , confidentiality and guaranteed integrity.

Automatic Gate and Vehicle Barriers

Infosoftz Company Limited offers strong and sturdy remote-controlled sliding and electronic swing gates for access control to homes, apartment blocks and commercial facilities, among other applications. Infosoftz Company Limited provides the East African market with stronger, superior and secure swing gates for commercial and industrial use. Boom (barrier) gates are typically used for car parks, apartment complexes and tollbooths to control the flow of traffic. Infosoftz Company Limited, we offer both manual and automatic boom gates and barriers for vehicle and pedestrian access control, high security and anti-terror security measures. Boom (barrier) gates are the ideal way to automate and control vehicle movement in: Public parking entrances Car parks Private entrances Entrances to a block of flats/units

Security GSM Alarm System

Infosoftz Company Limited offers Wireless GSM intelligent anti-theft electronic alarm system which is an innovative wireless mobile intelligent. warner integrating GSM digital signal that protect intruders to client facilities by processing techniques and imported STC microprocessor, and a variety. of technologies including digital voice announcer, English SMS, learning code, etc. In addition, this alarm system is highly automatic, giving automatic voice or SMS alert in the event of emergency without intensive manual settings required. Features of stability, reliability, safety, and humanizing control enable it to be widely used for alert in shops, convenience stores, offices, villa as well as residential. communities.

Fire Alarm and Communication Systems Installation

Infosoftz Company Limited offers a broad portfolio of fire alarm systems for accurate, reliable and quick-fire detection. Our state-of-the-art systems help protect office buildings, warehouses, lodging establishments, educational facilities, retail stores and many other types of facilities throughout the East African region. Our automatic smoke, heat, gas or combined sensors are installed in a location that allows for accurate detection and promptly activate an audible alarm. With strategically placed break glass switches that are connected to an alarm, anyone who sees a fire can break the glass, which will instantly activate an alarm. Below are some systems we install to our client •Fire Alarm and Communication Systems•Interior Fire Alarm and Signal Systems•Smoke and Heat Detection•Sprinkler and Suppression Systems•Lock Door Fail Safe Release Systems•Control and Graphic Annunciation Systems•Standpipe Fire Line Signalling and Telephone Systems•Elevator Communication and Interconnection•Emergency Lighting

Training and Consultation Solution

Proficiency with computer skills and technology is increasingly important in today’s workplace. As the technology is advancing every day, it’s necessary to have a training program that helps employees develop baseline on computer skills and stay on top based on awareness of software usage,some basic on self help desk support as well as internet security so as employees can be productive to an organisation.

Infosoftz Company limited  understand  that Employees today rely on their computers for a variety of tasks: sending emails, basic calculations, online learning, and communication through different systems  and platforms so we have some courses that help employees on self help desk support , internet security as well as different software  systems usage either designed by our company or our partners  software developers and suppliers .

Also since we have expertise on technology perspective Infosoftz Company Limited provide consultation facilitation solution on what technology  should the company choose to used and be productive before investing money on wrong Technology

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